the breeder

As you scroll through our site, you will notice we are not a typical breeder.  We don’t use kennels, our children help care for the puppies and we only have one female and one male that breed (i.e., we are NOT a puppy mill). Our AKC registered Berners have access to our entire 100 acres of rolling hills and forest. They are an active part of our lives and engage with our family constantly. Our main focus is to find good and loving homes that will love them as much as we do. 


Luna, the mom, is a stunning Berner with sleek fur and symmetric colors. Luna has a great lineage only one generation separated from Slovakia. She has a very friendly demeanor and is extremely devoted to our Family. 


Thor, the dad, is a fit, big-boned Bernese with a symmetric build and a blocky head. He weighs 135 pounds and stands 27 inches tall. He has a loving, goofy and sweet temperament. Thor loves physical affection. Thor has a great lineage only 2 generations separated from Romania.

Both Luna and Thor think they are lap dogs and dearly love affection. Both have extremely pleasant temperaments and are incredibly loyal and intelligent with impressive coloring and conformation. Luna and Thor also derive from a Champion BMD. We did an extraordinarily amount of research before acquiring our Parent Dogs since not only did we want the finest of the breed, but also a trustworthy and loyal companion to welcome to our family.
Luckily our puppies have also reaped the benefits from receiving generous amounts of early socialization since they have been constantly handled and played with by us and our children. Not to mention all of the other family and friends that love to come and give them all a “good cuddle”.

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